The Surge in Ransomware Attacks

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August 8, 2020
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September 20, 2020

September 18, 2020

Ransomware, a malware that is capable of encrypting the files of the user. This eventually leads to a demand for ransom in exchange for restoring the users’ data post payment.

There are some vectors that allow ransomware to get the right of entry or access to a computer or server. One of the maximum common systems for delivering ransomware by using phishing attacks and sending spams as attachments that are received by the users’ in an email, in a disguise as a document they must trust. Once those documents or files are downloaded and executed, they are able to take over the users’ computer in the background, in particular in the event that they have integrated social engineering gear or tools that trick customers into permitting administrative rights of entry or access to the system. There are some ransomware that are not detected by antivirus and firewalls and can bypass the implemented security mechanism and get spread across the system encrypting all the files.

There are numerous special methods attackers select the companies they aim with ransomware. Sometimes it is just a count of opportunity: for instance, attackers would possibly try to aim universities due to the fact that they have a tendency to have smaller protection groups or security systems and quite the diverse consumer base that does lots of record sharing, making it less complicated or rather much easier to penetrate the defenses of the systems. 

On the other hand, a few of the companies are quite tempting objectives due to the fact that they appear much more likely to pay a ransom quickly. For instance, authorities corporations, or scientific centers regularly want the ease of instant access to their files. Law corporations and different companies with vital and sensitive statistics can be inclined to pay to maintain information and privacy of a compromise — and those companies can be uniquely sensitive or vital to the leakware attacks.

According to the modern reports, ransomware attacks have absolutely doubled consistently every year during the first quarter of the financial year to 400,000 in large part because of the absence of sturdy cybersecurity measures amid a surge in working remotely withinside the wake and escalation of Covid-19.

The Seqrite Quarterly Threat Report stated there has been an evident shift withinside the behavior of danger actors, with more than one ransomware households now able to stealing touchy records further to preserving the users’ network or systems for a ransom. Organizations in sectors along with BFSI (Banking, economic offerings, and insurance), manufacturing, IT/ITeS, and government authorities are in all in the likelihood to be the number one targets because of the sheer quantity of vital and sensitive records they store, it stated.

“Ransomware assaults have usually been a problem for organizations and establishments. But what makes them extra risky is their progressive and evolving nature,” stated Sanjay Katkar, leader era officer, Quick Heal Technologies. “While formerly danger attackers used to dam or block all the vital or sensitive records and ask for a ransom in return, now they’ve advanced and grown to be a great deal smarter than ever. Apart from stressful ransom from the victim or the user, those advanced hackers or attackers thieve the encrypted records and promote it withinside the open marketplace to make twin profits sources.”

The Maze has been the pinnacle ransomware danger to establishments or organizations withinside for more than the past 12 months now, in keeping with the report. It is famous for its new method of assaults or attacks because it publishes vital and sensitive records of inflamed clients publicly the use of one of a kind strategies to barge in. The casualties of this ransomware encompass huge business establishments and public region units, which lately got assaulted or attacked by Maze at some point of the continued pandemic, logging personnel out in their network systems by compelled or forced encryption of records, stated the report.


Now that we’ve seen all of that, we now know what and how the escalation in Ransomware is taking place. It is the network administrators and users who have to ensure their antivirus and firewalls are well built and up and working as the first line of defense, also keep away from dicey websites and be alert whilst commencing any suspicious received emails or messages. Opting to choose a ransomware readiness assessment service from SecureLayer7 will assist to defend the systems and networks towards the cutting-edge ransomware threats.

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