SecureLayer7 Gratis PenTest Summer 2017


Under the Gratis Pentest 2016, we have evaluated security postures of two open source applications i.e. Refinery CMS, PageKit CMS.

We perform the penetration testing for the deserving Open Source Application as SecureLayer7’s contribution to Open Source Community.
We shall allocate two or three days full time from our working hours to yield a number of vulnerabilities in the application. The challenge takes place within given short time.  We, at SecureLayer7, shall try to find the maximum number of high risk or critical vulnerabilities. Our approach is to use the combination of manual source code audit and penetration testing to achieve the target. Thus we shall give you the best possible outcome from this activity .

How this activity  works?

First, you need to send the email to (find my PGP here) with the answer to the following questions.

  • What is the application name ? *
  • What Application Technology is it based on *
  • What is the Github link *
  • What is demo application link*
  • Why does your project deserve a free pen-test? *
  • Short description of the idea of your open source project *
  • Official email contact and other contact details*

Once you send the application request, you need to wait for the response.

The last date for submitting applications is 31st, March 2017. We will then have a look at all the applications and the judgement will be announced 7 days later. The sooner the application details you send, the better the chances of getting selected for the penetration testing. Also, the selection process will be purely based on merit and the project that sounds most relevant to our terms will be rewarded.

Eager to read about your projects soon. Best wishes to you!