SecureLayer7 Gratis PenTest Summer 2016

SecureLayer7 Gratis PenTest Summer 2016

You can now receive free penetration testing for 6 days!

What is this about?

Your open source software project stands a chance to win 2 full days of penetration testing from SecureLayer7, that too free of cost!

That’s not possible! You are forging me!

The SecureLayer7 PenTest Summer 2016 is a voluntary, no-profit competition. Just apply, compete, and win the competition. And you have our 6 days including testing, reporting, fix support, and follow-up communication. You have everything you would expect to get. Along with the SecureLayer7 guarantee!

Alright, so what am I supposed to do now? Just submit form

First of all, take a deep breath. Now do as we say.

  1. Write down a short description about basically what is the idea of your open source project
  2. Answer this easy-peasy question: “Why does my project deserve a free pen-test?”
  3. Click on send
  4. That’s all. Wait for us to announce the results.

Submit your application form here

I need time to prepare. By when can I submit?

The last date for submitting applications is exactly one month from the date of issue of this article, i.e.17 June 2016. A second’s delay and you lose the opportunity. Though we would not suggest waiting that long to submit your application.

We will then have a look at all the applications and the judgement will be announced 7 days later, on 24 June 2016. Also, the judgement will be purely based on merit and the project that sounds most relevant to our terms will be rewarded.

Eager to read about your projects soon. Best wishes to you!

In case of any query shoot email at myfirstname[at]


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