My Six Months Journey in SecureLayer7

Before I step into the new year, I would like to share about my delightful journey in SecureLayer7, in short SecureLayer7 Review.

Six months back, I had completed my graduation and was looking forward to start my career in the Information Security industry. I was guided by my friend, @rakeshnagekar who holds six years of experience in Information Security. He mentioned, “If you start your career in a startup then you will have a lot of opportunities and can learn a lot of things as you would be a fresher.”

So, I decided to join a startup company. I searched for a platform where I could get exposed to things like Penetration Testing for Web Applications and Mobile Applications carried out for both Android and iOS platforms. And I came across SecureLayer7. I quickly decided to send my resume for the specified requirement. And, BOOM! I made it through!

Soon, I joined this firm in the month of May and I was allotted the very first project. The project was based on Voice Over IP (VoIP) Penetration Testing. I absolutely had no knowledge in this field and realized that this could be a challenging project for me. But, to my surprise, my team helped me to get through this project. The team taught me different methodologies which include how to enumerate, analyze and how to understand the application. @akshay and@sharan played a very vital role in my transformation. Over the period of time, I was well equipped with advanced skills of penetration testing which helped me handle different projects such as:

Each and every application had a different methodology to be applied. Sometimes I had to bypass the firewalls. Applications varied from projects to projects. And for each project, I had to make separate test cases so as to execute the project. Before SecureLayer7, I never had the chance to give presentations. But here I got this opportunity. Every Saturday, we were asked to present our experience, the methodologies and the techniques learned before our fellow colleagues. Here, at SL7, we have various departments which includes IoT, Blockchain, Web and Mobile Security, etc. and this helped me gain a lot of knowledge.

SL7 was a Silver sponsor among top companies at Code Blue 2018 International Security Conference. I felt a moment of pride seeing that name at an international platform and was happy about my decision of joining this firm.

Joining SL7 taught me a lot many things and my future plan includes gaining certification in OSCP in the next couple of months.

SecureLayer7 Job Review

What I thought initially when I joined SL7 was that first, there is a training session designed for freshers. But it wasn’t that way. I was made to learn along with the projects. This really saved a lot of time and gave me hands on experience on live projects. I would always recommend to everyone that always choose your first job wisely as good decisions always leads to beautiful destinations.

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