Penetration Testing as a Service with BugDazz Platform

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March 4, 2020
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March 8, 2020

Penetration Testing as a Service with BugDazz Platform: 

SecureLayer7 is providing penetration testing services from the last seven years and delivering the number of pentest projects to our global customer base. 

SecureLayer7 is moving away from the traditional way of doing penetration testing and creating a smooth workflow for delivering results by keeping the pace with DevOps technology stack. 

We are introducing the BugDazz pentest as a service platform with the capabilities of vulnerability management. BugDazz helps customers to manage an organization’s security posture and workflows. We are continuously introducing new features to cover the most painful areas of pentest services, such as reducing the administrative time and focus on the actual pen test report. 

BugDazz Platform Benefits: 

  1. Customers can schedule the pentest at any point in time of the development cycle
  2. Reduce the communication gaps between Pen testers and Customers
  3. Real-time access to security issues with remediation instructions. 
  4. Prioritize security issues  
  5. Use Jira ticket integration to fixing a security issue
  6. Initiating re-testing the patched vulnerability with one click 
  7. Generate pentest report which includes 
    1. Executive summary report
    2. Vulnerability details report 
    3. Pentest clean report, once all bugs have fixed and re-tested.
  8. Creating a CISO & Management view 

We are continuously working on other essential features that we are going to release in the upcoming release cycle. Meanwhile, BugDazz is ready for a demo, and you can request from here or reach us at [email protected] 

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