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May 28, 2020
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June 12, 2020

June 2, 2020

The world is facing one of the biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II. No country is left untouched from the distress of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19); an outbreak from China that has reached almost every nook and corner of the globe within no time.

For the last couple of months, every nation on the map is either partially or completely locked down. Undoubtedly, this pandemic of Coronavirus has put the world’s economy in jeopardy. There is no single number that credibly foresees what the impact of COVID-19 could be on the Global Economy.

We Salute the government that they have done a decisive job in sealing the borders and locking down the country to help prevent the spread of the virus.

At SecureLayer7, we would like to thank all the Corona Warriors. The ones who are not moving around with any special equipment, or standing at the border and fighting with intruders. They are the ones who are standing firmly between the Coronavirus and us. They are none others but our very own doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, police, home guards, delivery boys, and people volunteering to help in this situation.

It’s not easy to care and look out for others when your own survival is at risk. Every time you reach out to a person who needs your help, you may be risking your own life and your family’s well-being. However, we have our Corona Warriors who have courageously stood up in this Pandemic and inspiring us to be better Human Beings even when time and circumstances are not being good to us.

In this valorous battle for humankind’s future, Corona Warriors is at the forefront. As doctors, nurses, paramedics, sanitation workers, government employees, essential supplies workers, Bank Staff, they have ensured that we remain safe and comfortable within the 4 walls of our house with our loved ones. Their undiluted courage, selflessness, determination, and dedication has ensured that India is destined to win this battle against COVID-19. With vigorous and strong commitment they have displayed an unshaken faith and conviction that corona can be defeated and that India will ultimately conquest COVID-19.

Their actions in these warlike times are deeply inspiring. The fighting on the frontline against coronavirus deserves nothing less than our unconditional Support and Love and we can show this by staying indoors.

On behalf of SecureLayer7, we would like to express our deep gratitude towards all our Corona Warriors & each & every SecureLayer7 player promises to act as a responsible citizen along with giving a helping hand in combating this pandemic.

We are with you in this fight against COVID-19 & we shall surely Triumph.

In this time, it is the different kinds of traits of leadership which we will also have to demonstrate. First and foremost, keep calm & retain your confidence. Unflinchingly communicate with your people while making them feel comfortable. At such crises, it is important to actively collaborate with your business partners, colleagues, peers, and juniors and reach out to the communities. Unless we step up and unless we can make a difference to the context, we won’t be playing our role.

At SecureLayer7, we initiated work from home even before the Govt. had officially declared Lockdown. Back then, Work from home was a new concept in our company as we had never practiced it in the past so, Initially, we were too skeptical and had a lot of apprehensions but technology has enabled this survival. While working remotely, we are not only doing our best to fulfill our company’s Mission & Vision, we have also learned to strike a balance between our family life as well.

As we have now settled down into our new routines with work and family, it is also making us rethink our constant need to travel as during the pre-COVID era. It is also making us understand new ways of keeping teams virtually engaged, and very importantly, the adoption of advanced technology at work. Isn’t this the new feature of work?

It indeed requires a high level of social skills to connect a virtual team and of course, leadership that can lead with influence and not authority, and is purpose-led and not power-driven. You need to have the passion & the enthusiasm to keep yourself motivated while working remotely with keeping the ultimate purpose of your job at the back of your mind.

During these times, we constantly need to keep investing in ourselves and keep developing. All we need to do as individuals, as organizations, in whatever way we can, is to follow the instructions and help the communities.

We keep encouraging the same to everyone at SecureLayer7 and would reiterate the same that: ‘Keep investing in yourself and update the skills that you can take and apply at any point in time, regardless of the direction of the economy.

Once again on behalf of the entire SecureLayer7 Team, Our Sincere Appreciation and Applause’s to All our Corona Warriors!!

Thank You for everything you do to keep us safe!

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