SecureLayer7 Launches Information Security Testing Services

We are excited to announce the launch of SecureLaye7 Information Security Testing Services. Securelayer7 bring it all together SecureLayer7 provide bunch of comprehensive security services including following .

  1. Application Security Testing Service
  2. Penetration Testing Service
  3. Malware Cleaning Service
  4. Server Security Hardening Service
  5. Mobile Application Penetration Testing Service
  6. Recovering Hacked Site Service
  7. Source Code Auditing Service

Application Penetration Testing Specialties

  1. Thin Client Application Penetration Testing
  2. Web-Based Application Penetration Testing
  3. Thick Client Application Penetration Testing

Key Points

1.    Improved protection from Hackers attacks.
2.    Personal incident Response team help 24/7/365 security support.
3.    Scheduled vulnerability scanning
4.    Unique methodologies are used to find vulnerabilities.
5.    Providing actionable remediation .
6.    Immediate  Zero day alert notifications system.
7.    Reduce business risk and threat attempts .
8.    Combination of manual + automatic  testing methodology.
9.    Email consultation on Architecture.

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