CyberSecurity Internship to Employee… The Milestones of a Journey

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February 6, 2021

The day 17th September 2020 is imprinted into my memory, as I started my first CyberSecurity Internship Program. The world is fighting against pandemics and the graduates are struggling to find a job at their desired company. Even I faced the same difficulties. Gave several interviews, and have failed many times but I analyzed my mistakes and worked on my skills. Finally, I cleared my security interview process at SecureLayer7, and thanks to Poonam Mam and Kanchan Mam for making the process smooth. 

I had multiple doubts as, What would be my role as cybersecurity intern?, what work would be assigned to me? Would I be able to complete the tasks assigned up to the mark? And much more?

cybersecurity internship

But, there comes the role of the manager Akshay Sir and Rajasekar Sir, they were there to answer my many doubts. 

When you’re an security intern at SecureLayer7, you are treated just like a full-time employee. You learn how to Pentest at multiple domains that will be of great help in the upcoming future. 

The main difference is the projects that you will work on. As an intern, you will be assigned bite-size projects that are usually achievable in the period. 

Regardless of the project, interns are held to the same standards for quality of work. To help achieve Securelayer7 standards, cybersecurity interns are expected to work on client projects, where they are guided aptly if faced with any difficulties.

During my Cybersecurity internship duration, I worked on multiple projects irrespective of the domains on which I was proficient. That helped me to brush up my skills and also perform equivalently. My mentor and team helped me push myself to give 100% towards the project and ensured that everything I did, was done with accuracy.

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When transitioning from an Cybersecurity intern to full-time employment, you should anticipate having additional company-wide responsibilities and being a part of more mission-critical tasks that are centered around major projects. You will also have multiple ongoing projects that you will be working on simultaneously. 

At first, it may seem overwhelming, but as you dive in you will realize that your internship has prepared you for those projects.

After I completed my cybersecurity internship, I am delighted to start my journey at SecureLayer7. 

In the end, concluding that all appreciation goes to the entire SecureLayer7 family for giving me this opportunity to explore and my managers for helping me out at various stages of the cybersecurity job, and also my colleagues for helping me to learn new technical concepts.

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