SecureLayer7 at RISE Conference, Hong Kong 2019

RISE Conference Hong Kong 2019 is Asia’s largest tech conference, and SecureLayer7 is selected in the Alpha program. At SecureLayer7, we decided to release our signature two products at RISE 19 conference as below mentioned.

1) Watch7 AuthSafe
The SecureLayer7’s Watch7 AuthSafe is user and entity behavior analytics which gets integrated with applications. AuthSafe provides the account security that disallows attacker to access the account even if attacker has valid credentials.

2) Watch7 LogSight
The SecureLayer7’s Watch7 LogSight is a threat detection platform that finds high-quality threats in the infrastructure from logs and shares the threat details to give you the quick way of eradicating attacks in infrastructure.

3) Gratis program for startup companies
SecureLayer7 helping startup companies to understand the security posture of their infrastructure. For this, SecureLayer7 have launched Gratis PenTesting program in which any startup company can participate to understand the security health of their Web Apps, Mobile Apps, IoT Devises, and SaaS Applications. On complement of this, the same company would be also getting the final PenTest report including:

1) Executive Summary
2) Vulnerabilities details with video proof of concept
3) Recommendations for mitigating risk
4) Conclusion of pentest

We believe that this exercise would mean a lot to startups and the great opportunity to get their secured. You can register for the Gratis program here.

Let’s catch-up at RISE conference at booth number: A146 on 9th July 2019. Get in touch with us

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