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June 13, 2024

Maintaining robust safeguards against breaches and ensuring compliance with industry standards are paramount in today’s data-driven landscape. 

One such standard gaining significance is SOC 2 compliance, focusing on customer data security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. 

As businesses rely heavily on third-party services, customers, partners, and regulators demand assurance that organizations handle sensitive data responsibly and securely.

SOC 2 compliance involves stringent assessments and audits of an organization’s systems and processes to meet industry criteria. Pentesting (penetration testing) plays a crucial role in simulating real-world cyber attacks to identify vulnerabilities. 

By strengthening security posture and mitigating risks, pentesting helps organizations comply with SOC 2 requirements. In this article, we’ll compare 2024’s 9 best SOC 2 pentesting vendors, evaluating their strengths, weaknesses, and key features to aid businesses in making informed decisions for their compliance needs. But first, let’s explore why SOC 2 compliance is critical in today’s data-driven landscape.

Understanding SOC 2 Compliance

SOC 2 compliance is a crucial standard in today’s data-centric environment, ensuring that organizations meet specific criteria regarding customer data security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. Developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), SOC 2 compliance aims to assure stakeholders about the effectiveness of an organization’s controls related to data security and privacy.

Why SOC 2 Compliance Matters

Why SOC-2 compliance matters
  • Regulatory Compliance: SOC 2 compliance helps organizations meet regulatory requirements by demonstrating adherence to industry standards for data security and privacy. In highly regulated industries such as finance and healthcare, compliance with SOC 2 is often mandatory to avoid legal consequences and hefty fines.
  • Trust and Credibility: Achieving SOC 2 compliance enhances trust and credibility with customers, partners, and stakeholders. By undergoing rigorous audits and assessments, organizations demonstrate their commitment to protecting sensitive data, thereby fostering trust and confidence among those who rely on their services.
  • Risk Mitigation: SOC 2 compliance involves identifying and mitigating risks to the security and integrity of customer data. Through comprehensive assessments and audits, organizations can proactively address vulnerabilities, reducing the likelihood of data breaches and associated costs.
  • Competitive Advantage: SOC 2 compliance can be a competitive differentiator, especially in industries where data security is a primary concern. By obtaining SOC 2 compliance, organizations can differentiate themselves from competitors and attract customers who prioritize security and privacy.
  • Operational Efficiency: Utilizing SOC 2 compliance services can streamline compliance processes, saving time and resources. Outsourcing compliance efforts to experienced providers allows organizations to focus on their core business activities while ensuring that they meet SOC 2 requirements effectively and efficiently.

SOC 2 compliance is essential for organizations looking to demonstrate their commitment to data security, gain trust and credibility, mitigate risks, gain a competitive advantage, and streamline compliance processes. By understanding the significance of SOC 2 compliance and leveraging services to simplify compliance efforts, organizations can ensure that they meet industry standards and maintain the security and integrity of customer data.

The Benefits of SOC 2 Compliance Services

SOC 2 compliance services offer a range of benefits that streamline compliance workflows, enhance policy management, enable real-time monitoring, simplify audit management, and provide scalability for future compliance needs.

 Benefits of SOC-2 Compliance Services
  • Streamlined Compliance Workflows: SOC 2 compliance services help streamline the complex process of achieving and maintaining compliance. With dedicated experts guiding organizations through each step, from initial assessment to ongoing monitoring, workflows become more efficient and less resource-intensive.
  • Efficient Policy Management: SOC 2 compliance services assist in developing and managing robust security policies and procedures tailored to an organization’s specific needs. These services ensure that policies are up-to-date, comprehensive, and aligned with SOC 2 requirements, reducing the risk of compliance gaps.
  • Real-time Monitoring Capabilities: SOC 2 compliance services often include real-time monitoring capabilities that provide continuous visibility into an organization’s security posture. By monitoring systems and networks for potential threats and vulnerabilities, organizations can quickly identify and respond to security incidents, reducing the impact of breaches.
  • Simplified Audit Management: SOC 2 compliance services simplify the process of preparing for and undergoing audits. By maintaining documentation, conducting internal audits, and facilitating communication with auditors, these services help organizations navigate the audit process with confidence and ease.
  • Scalability for Future Compliance Needs: As businesses evolve and grow, their compliance needs may change. SOC 2 compliance services offer scalability to accommodate future requirements, whether through additional services, expanded coverage, or support for new compliance standards.

Comparison of Top 10 SOC 2 Compliance Vendors

VendorKey FeaturesDemo AvailabilityCustomer RatingsIndustry Recognition
SecureLayer7Comprehensive SOC 2 compliance servicesPersonalized demosPositive: Expertise, responsiveness, attention to detailExcellence in cybersecurity and SOC 2 compliance
Astra PentestSOC 2 compliance assessments, penetration testingLive demonstrationsHigh: Thorough assessments, actionable recommendationsExpertise in cybersecurity and SOC 2 compliance
SprintoTailored SOC 2 compliance servicesDemo availablePositive: Professionalism, expertise, customer supportInnovative approach to SOC 2 compliance
VantaAutomated SOC 2 compliance assessmentsLive demos, trialsPositive: User-friendly platform, quick implementationInnovative approach to SOC 2 compliance
DrataComprehensive SOC 2 compliance platformPersonalized demosHigh: Intuitive platform, responsive supportInnovative technology and simplifying compliance
SecureframeSOC 2 compliance automationLive demos, trialsPositive: Easy-to-use platform, thorough assessmentsInnovative approach to SOC 2 compliance automation
AuditBoardCompliance management platformDemos, trialsHigh: User-friendly platform, robust featuresComprehensive compliance management solutions
LogicGateFlexible compliance management platformPersonalized demosPositive: Customizable platform, ease of useSimplifying compliance management
QualysCybersecurity and compliance solutionsProduct demosPositive: Comprehensive platform, reliable assessmentsCybersecurity expertise and achieving compliance
OneTrustPrivacy and compliance platformDemos, trialsPositive: Comprehensive platform, user-friendlyLeadership in privacy and compliance solutions

In-Depth Analysis of Select SOC 2 Pentesting Providers

Let’s now dive into our list of the top SOC-2 pentesting vendors.


Key Features:

SecureLayer7 is a team of cyber enthusiasts dedicated to helping businesses stay ahead of potential threats. They combine strong research, in-house tooling, and a committed team of certified security professionals to provide comprehensive penetration testing services for firms’ entire IT ecosystems.

Comprehensive Penetration Testing: SecureLayer7 offers in-depth penetration tests that utilize strong research, tools, and security experts. These tests cover all aspects of a firm’s IT infrastructure, including networks, applications, and systems.

Trusted by Hundreds: With over 10 years of experience, SecureLayer7 has been trusted by hundreds of startups and enterprises alike to secure their systems. Their track record demonstrates their commitment to delivering reliable and effective security solutions.

Demo Availability: SecureLayer7 provides personalized demos upon request. These demos allow organizations to experience their services firsthand and understand how they can benefit from SecureLayer7’s expertise in penetration testing.

Customer Ratings: SecureLayer7 consistently receives high ratings from customers for their expertise, responsiveness, and attention to detail. Clients appreciate their proactive approach to addressing security vulnerabilities and delivering tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

Industry Recognition: SecureLayer7’s commitment to making the cyberspace a secure place has earned them recognition in the cybersecurity industry. Their innovative approach to cybersecurity and their mission to offer class-leading products and services have positioned them as a trusted partner in the fight against cyber threats.

Astra Pentest

Astra is a SOC 2 compliance software designed to automate compliance processes, allowing businesses to focus on building trust while ensuring adherence to SOC 2 requirements. 

The platform offers industry-recognized certification upon resolving high-priority vulnerabilities found in pentests, along with an intelligent vulnerability scanner and manual pentesting capabilities. Astra also provides smart reporting for effective issue prioritization and integrates seamlessly with popular collaboration tools like Jira and Slack. 

While users benefit from a user-friendly interface, rescanning for vulnerabilities, detailed compliance scans and reports, and 24/7 AI-enabled and human customer support, integration options are limited. 

Nonetheless, Astra is a robust solution for businesses seeking efficient SOC 2 compliance management.


SecureFrame simplifies compliance management by providing a centralized solution for automating security and privacy standards like SOC 2. 

Its features include automated risk assessment, real-time alerts for critical vulnerabilities, and automated evidence collection, streamlining compliance efforts. 

While offering actionable notifications and customizable policies, SecureFrame may face challenges with limited integration options.


Vanta introduces an innovative SOC 2 compliance software designed to streamline the compliance journey for businesses.

By continuously monitoring people, systems, and tools, Vanta empowers organizations to enhance their security posture effortlessly. One standout feature is its continuous monitoring capability, allowing users to swiftly detect and address issues in real-time through automated tests, thereby ensuring ongoing compliance without disruption.

Moreover, Vanta offers seamless integrations with over 100 pre-built connectors, enabling users to effortlessly connect their tech stack and automate monitoring of essential services. This integration flexibility extends to vulnerability management, where users can pull data from vulnerability scanners into Vanta, facilitating proactive vulnerability detection and management. 

Despite some limitations in customization options, Vanta boasts an intuitive user interface and responsive customer support, supplemented by API-driven capabilities for enhanced efficiency. While improvement in tutorials is desired, interested parties can schedule a consulting demo through Vanta’s website to explore its functionalities firsthand.


Drata offers cloud-hosted organizations a fast and seamless path through the SOC 2 compliance journey. Crafted by auditors and security experts, Drata’s compliance software streamlines security assessments, control monitoring, and compliance tracking, ensuring smooth auditing processes. 

One of its standout features is real-time compliance status monitoring, providing continuous visibility into compliance status around the clock.

Moreover, Drata empowers users with built-in risk assessments and endpoint monitoring capabilities, enhancing security posture and facilitating proactive risk management. 

Automated reminders for security training and policy acknowledgments further reinforce compliance efforts, while centralized vendor management simplifies vendor-related compliance tasks. 

Despite some considerations regarding add-on features with additional costs and manual evidence submission for certain infrastructure components, Drata offers a streamlined compliance program for end-to-end management, user behavior monitoring for anomaly detection, and insightful analytics for policy enforcement, making it a valuable asset in navigating the complex landscape of compliance.


Secureframe stands out as a comprehensive solution for automating compliance with security and privacy standards, such as SOC 2. Designed to simplify the compliance journey, it offers automated risk assessment, real-time alerts for critical vulnerabilities, and seamless evidence collection. 

Organizations benefit from features like mapping controls to frameworks and a filterable view for monitoring employee devices, ensuring comprehensive compliance management. 

However, users may need help with the platform’s learning curve, clunky integrations, and potential ambiguities regarding failed compliance tests.

Despite these considerations, Secureframe remains valuable for organizations seeking to streamline their compliance efforts. 

With its customizable policies, automated tests, and efficient vendor relationship lifecycle management, Secureframe empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of compliance with confidence. Ready to experience Secureframe firsthand? Schedule a demo through their website to discover how it can elevate your compliance processes.

AuditBoard offers a cloud-based platform for audit, risk, and compliance management, specifically tailored to assist organizations in navigating SOC 2 audits efficiently. Its key features include internal controls management, enabling users to implement and oversee internal controls to mitigate risks and maintain compliance with regulations and standards. Moreover, AuditBoard facilitates workflow automation, allowing users to automate repetitive tasks to enhance productivity and save valuable time. Additionally, the platform offers robust user roles and permissions functionalities, ensuring adherence to the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP) by assigning appropriate access levels to individuals, thereby safeguarding sensitive information.


In terms of advantages, AuditBoard boasts a comprehensive suite of features tailored for audit purposes, catering to the diverse needs of organizations undergoing compliance assessments. Its user-friendly interface further enhances usability, making it accessible to users across various skill levels. 

However, users may encounter challenges with large data sets, potentially leading to performance difficulties. Additionally, integration with other tools may pose some difficulties, impacting seamless workflow integration. 

For those interested in exploring AuditBoard’s capabilities firsthand, scheduling a demo through their website provides an opportunity to experience its functionalities and assess its suitability for specific organizational requirements.


LogicGate stands out as a leading risk and compliance management platform, renowned for its ability to identify, assess, and mitigate risks while ensuring compliance with SOC 2 requirements and other industry standards. 

Key features of the platform include robust vendor risk management capabilities, enabling users to monitor and mitigate risks associated with third-party vendors effectively. Additionally, LogicGate offers advanced reporting and analytics functionalities, empowering organizations to generate comprehensive reports and analytics to track their progress and pinpoint areas for improvement accurately. 

Moreover, the platform streamlines the audit process and enhances efficiency through collaboration tools within its audit management module.

Among its advantages, LogicGate offers comprehensive coverage of SOC 2 requirements, making it a reliable solution for organizations aiming to meet compliance standards. Its strong emphasis on vendor risk management further solidifies its position as a comprehensive risk management platform. 

However, users may encounter limitations in customization options, which could restrict adaptability to specific organizational needs. Additionally, while LogicGate excels in functionality, improvements to the user interface could enhance overall usability and user experience. Interested parties can explore LogicGate’s capabilities further by scheduling a demo, offering firsthand insight into its features and suitability for organizational requirements.


Qualys emerges as a comprehensive security platform, facilitating the identification and remediation of vulnerabilities, asset tracking, and compliance reporting, including SOC 2 compliance. 

Its key features include robust vulnerability assessment capabilities, enabling organizations to pinpoint and address vulnerabilities that may pose security risks. 

Additionally, Qualys offers asset inventory and tracking functionalities, allowing users to monitor and safeguard all organizational assets effectively. Moreover, the platform streamlines compliance reporting by enabling users to generate comprehensive reports and prepare for SOC 2 audits seamlessly. Furthermore, Qualys promotes integration with other security tools, enhancing operational efficiency by streamlining security operations.

In terms of advantages, Qualys boasts competitive pricing, making it an accessible option for organizations seeking robust security solutions. 

Its strong emphasis on customer support further enhances its appeal, ensuring that users receive timely assistance and guidance when needed. 

However, users may encounter limitations in customization options, potentially restricting adaptability to specific organizational requirements. For those interested in exploring Qualys’ capabilities firsthand, scheduling a demo through their website offers an opportunity to assess its features and suitability for organizational needs.


OneTrust stands as an integrated risk management platform, offering comprehensive solutions for managing various types of risks, including third-party risk management, compliance reporting, audit support, incident management, and response. With a robust feature set, OneTrust assists organizations in addressing the complexities of SOC 2 compliance by providing data mapping capabilities to classify and protect sensitive data effectively. 

Furthermore, the platform facilitates compliance reporting and preparation for SOC 2 audits through its reporting and audit support tools, ensuring organizations can navigate compliance requirements seamlessly. 

Additionally, OneTrust offers privacy and risk management functionalities, providing users with a comprehensive view of their privacy and security risks to enhance overall risk mitigation efforts.

OneTrust garners praise for its strong focus on data protection, catering to organizations’ needs to safeguard sensitive information effectively. 

Moreover, its scalability makes it suitable for businesses of all sizes, accommodating varying requirements and growth trajectories. However, some users may find the platform costly, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), potentially limiting accessibility to organizations with limited budgets. 

Additionally, navigating the platform may pose challenges for some users, as reported difficulties in platform navigation have been noted. For those interested in exploring OneTrust’s capabilities firsthand, scheduling a demo through their website provides an opportunity to assess its features and suitability for organizational needs.

Selecting the Right SOC 2 Pentesting Vendor

When choosing a SOC 2 pentesting vendor, several key considerations should guide your decision-making process.

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  • Capabilities: Look for vendors with comprehensive testing methodologies that cover a wide range of vulnerabilities and risks. Ensure they offer robust solutions tailored to your organization’s specific needs.
  • Expert Support: Seek vendors that provide expert support throughout the pentesting process. From initial scoping to remediation guidance, having access to knowledgeable professionals can significantly enhance the effectiveness of the testing.
  • Scalability: Consider the scalability of the vendor’s services. Ensure they can accommodate your organization’s growth and evolving security needs over time.
  • Vendor Reputation: Assess the reputation of potential vendors in the industry. Look for testimonials, case studies, and reviews from previous clients to gauge their reliability and effectiveness.

By prioritizing these factors, you can select a SOC 2 pentesting vendor that meets your organization’s requirements and helps bolster your security posture effectively.

Why SecureLayer7 is the Ideal SOC 2 Compliance Service Provider

SecureLayer7 stands out as the ideal SOC 2 compliance service provider for several compelling reasons:

  • Industry-Recognized Certification: SecureLayer7 offers industry-recognized certification, providing assurance of compliance with SOC 2 standards, thereby instilling trust and confidence in clients and stakeholders.
  • Intelligent Vulnerability Scanning: The platform features intelligent vulnerability scanning capabilities, allowing for thorough identification and remediation of potential security vulnerabilities, thus enhancing overall security posture.
  • Seamless Integration: SecureLayer7 seamlessly integrates with existing systems and tools, ensuring smooth collaboration and workflow efficiency across the organization.
  • Automated Control Mapping: With automated control mapping functionalities, SecureLayer7 simplifies the process of mapping controls to compliance frameworks, streamlining compliance management efforts.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: SecureLayer7 provides real-time monitoring capabilities, enabling organizations to proactively detect and respond to security incidents promptly, minimizing potential risks and disruptions.
  • Role-Based Access Controls: The platform offers role-based access controls, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information and resources, thereby enhancing data security and compliance.
  • Automated Evidence Collection: SecureLayer7 automates the collection of evidence required for compliance audits, reducing manual effort and ensuring accurate and thorough documentation.
  • Systematic Escalations: SecureLayer7 facilitates systematic escalations, ensuring that security incidents are escalated and addressed promptly according to predefined procedures, minimizing potential impact and damage.
  • Vendor Risk Management: SecureLayer7 includes robust vendor risk management capabilities, allowing organizations to assess and manage risks associated with third-party vendors effectively, ensuring overall security resilience.

With its comprehensive suite of features and capabilities, SecureLayer7 emerges as the ideal SOC 2 compliance service provider, empowering organizations to achieve and maintain compliance with confidence and efficiency.

Ready to Streamline Your SOC 2 Compliance Efforts?

Experience the unmatched capabilities of SecureLayer7 and elevate your compliance journey today. 

Contact us to schedule a consultation and discover how our industry-recognized certification, intelligent vulnerability scanning, seamless integration, and comprehensive compliance features can help your organization achieve and maintain SOC 2 compliance with ease.

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