Reason Why Companies should Outsource Vulnerability & Penetration Testing Services

If you are looking to manage everything that relates to web security of your company on your own, then this blog is not for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a safe hand to secure your web services from vulnerability and other malicious stuff over the internet, please keep reading!!

Outsourcing of web security & penetration testing services comes with several liabilities for the organization. It means sharing of responsibilities to secure the prospects of an organisation over the internet. It also means safeguarding the smooth flow of operations pertaining to daily activities of the company.

However, there are certain key points which every organization should keep in mind before outsourcing the penetration testing and vulnerability services to 3rd party. I will try and enumerate these points as follows:

Defined Pre-requisites:

Security of an organization is directly proportional to its financial stability in the market. Therefore it becomes increasingly necessary to make sure that the company has a defined set of objectives. This means, the organization should thoroughly define the requirement analysis of its security operations. Also, they should properly analyze all the pre-requisite parameters in the requirement analysis to ensure an effective outsource service.

Thorough Mapping of Data:

Mapping of your asset inventory is important since your internal company data will be exposed to the outsourced party. Therefore you require to maintain a proper non-disclosure agreement with the outsourced party while preparing the legal contract agreement.

Careful Documentation:

Now, while preparing the legal contract agreements you require careful documentation. This ensures maintainence of the highest level of transparency in your business requirement. Remember that once an outsourced company has access to data it should be part of the contract to have the data shared back with you.

Controlled Data Exposure:

Critical and sensitive data exposure is another crucial thing which the organization needs to take care of. So it’s absolutely the responsibility of the organization as to what kind of data assets they need to be evaluate in the scope of penetration testing services. Here they require the key decision making policy.

Choosing the Specialist:

Going with the right specialist for the task, now choosing and hiring a specialist for the task of penetration testing and vulnerability services can be a tricky situation for any organization. However, if certain key aspects are considered like hiring consulting firms to search and provide for the right specialist is one way or hiring an expert specialist and monitor the performance of the other penetration testing service providers in the market with proven track record. However it’s very difficult to differentiate between good or bad security experts. That is why it is necessary to go with independent assessment.

Now while considering the business scenario multiple factors play vital role in choosing a particular service providers. These factors include financial constraints, time frame, man power and other unknown factors. Therefore the key factors which we should follow are guidelines and agreements as well as contractual obligations, including time frames. These must be clearly defined before the contract begins so that disappointment can be avoided. We provide various security Vulnerability & Penetration Testing Services and and enable our IT Security consulting and solutions.

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